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Walker Mowers

Ag-Pro Companies teams up with Walker Mowers to provide another quality mowing solution for our customers. Walker Commercial Mowers are some of the best in the industry. Walker Mowers sells a full line of Commercial and Residential Mowers, with a full line of attachments and much more. The first Walker-produced machines were designed and produced in Ft. Collins, CO in the late 1970s. The initial sales were in the Western United States. As the business grew, sales expanded to other parts of the United States and now the world. Walker Mowers pioneered the concept of the out front mower and what is now known as the Zero Turn Mower in the 1980s well before the rest of the industry, and has continued to innovate with new products for a wide range of applications.

Walker Mower is a privately held company that is family owned and operated in Ft. Collins, CO. The production facility is over 200,000 square feet and has been expanded upon several times since the beginning in early 1980.

Innovations continue to be made to the product line including a focus on better fuel efficiency and improved performance. Efforts continue to be made at the factory to increase efficiency in manufacturing with better machines and improved processes including the implementation of a new manufacturing software operating system. The Walker Mower is distributed throughout the United States and into 28 other countries.

Ag-Pro Companies is a servicing/warranty dealer for Walker Mower at six of our North Georgia store locations currently Athens, Conyers, Dacula, Grayson, Macon and McDonough. We pride ourselves in great customer service and competitive prices. If you would like to order any Walker Mowers please click on request a quote link above. You can also click on links below to review specific Walker Mower products and the applications they were designed to meet. Thank You for visiting us at Ag-Pro Companies.

Walker Mowers are designed to meet the demands of professional and large property owners alike

S-Series Walker Mowers

The MS is the original design of the Walker; built to be compact and maneuverable. It uses a smaller engine and simplified drive train and shares most of the features of the high-performance models. The S14 is new for 2014, and it represents a significant change in the Walker line. The nimble S14 uses Hydro-Gear® ZT3100 transaxles and a 12.5" grass handling blower that delivers cut material into the 7-bushel catcher. Decks up to 42 inches can be used on the S14, and a variety of implements and attachments are available. The S14 is a great machine for homeowners and large property owners.

Commercial Walker Mowers

The MC was Walker's first entry into the commercial market in the mid-90's. It uses a 20-hp Kohler OHV engine and an efficient design to deliver power to decks of all sizes and types up to 62 inches and a number of implements and attachments. For 2014, the MC has been updated to a tilt-open body style making it easier to completely expose the drive train, and it is now standard with a 7-bushel catcher; making it a well-balanced, easy-to-operate machine. The C19 is a popular machine for commercial operators getting started in high-end property maintenance.

T-Series Walker Mowers

The MT is Walker's most advanced tractor series. Developed in the early 90's with the advent of more powerful twin-cylinder engines, the MT has become the mainstay of many commercial operations. Three engine choices make the versatile, powerful MT an excellent centerpiece on any landscaper's trailer. A 23-hp air-cooled engine (T23) is the primary offering of the T-series. The 25-hp air-cooled, EFI engine (T25i) equipped with Kohler's DELPHI system is the most popular engine choice of the series, as it offers a 30% fuel savings versus similar carbureted engines. Rounding out the engine packages of the T-series is the T30i; a liquid-cooled, EFI engine with the fuel savings of an EFI engine and the longevity of liquid cooling. T-series tractors use Walker decks, implements and attachments to work all year long for homeowners, commercial mowers and a variety of other customers.

B-Series Walker Mowers

Originally designed as a basic machine to run Walker discharge and mulching decks, the B-series has evolved into one of the most agile and versatile tractors in power equipment. The MB's hillside performance is unmatched by competitive machines in the industry. Engine options include an 18-hp Briggs Vanguard (B18), a 19-hp Kohler (B19) or a fuel-saving 23-hp Kohler EFI. The B-series tractors easily fit into tight spaces and can also reach up to do larger jobs with bigger decks up to 56 inches. A variety of year-round attachments make the MB a no-nonsense workhorse for homeowners and commercial operators.

D-Series Walker Mowers

A favorite tractor for municipal, institutional and government customers is the MD. This is in part because of the powerful Kubota, three-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine. One innovation highlight of the D21d is a self-reversing fan to keep radiator clean. The D-series shares the same basic design as the T-series and is capable of using most all of the decks, implements and attachments built for the grass collection style machines.

H-Series Walker Mowers

The high production H-series features increased speed while still using the superior design of an out-front style mower. This larger machine has two dedicated decks (R52 and S60) and a variety of available attachments. The H-series also offers three different engine choices: a 25-hp air-cooled Kohler, a fuel-saving 27-hp air-cooled EFI or a 24-hp liquid-cooled Yanmar diesel. Walker's H-series tractors stand alone in their class for high quality, high production, year round work with beautiful results.

Walker Mower Attachments

The Dethatcher, our best selling attachment, is especially popular among lawn mowing professionals for use in spring clean-up. For more information on other Walker Mower Attachments such as: Single-Stage Snowblower, Operator Soft Cab, Blade Edger, Boom Sprayer, ROPS Kit, and the 48" Dozer Blade click here

Walker Mower Implements

Five implements mount interchangeably on the Walker Mower using the quick-change hitch system. The Implement Hitch replaces the mower deck and installs on the tractor in less than a minute. Implements then slide onto the hitch and lock in place with the flip of a lever for true “quick change” capability. For more information on other Walker Mower Implements such as: 46" Dozer Blade, 42" Two-Stage Snowblower, 47" Rotary Broom, Debris Blower, Loader Bucket, 60" Dozer Blade, H-Series: Implement Hitch Mount, H-Series: 50" Two-Stage Snowblower and the H-Series: 60" Rotary Broom Click here

Walker Mower Optional Add-Ons

Comfort Seat - with a steel frame and built up (not molded) construction and extra thick padding, this seat features removable/replaceable covers and optional armrests. Available for all Walker Mowers models (except MH). For more information on other Optional Add-Ons for Walker Mowers such as: Suspension Seat, Arm Rests, Headlights, Instrument Panel Cover, Curb Jumper, Adjustable Footrests, Break Away Blades, Mechanical Deck Lift, Power Deck Lift, Narrow Drive Tires, Wide Drive Tires, Low Profile Tires, All Terrain Tires, All Trail Tires, Tire Chains, Foam Deck Tires, Single Wide Tail Wheel, Spread Axle Tail Wheels, Hi-Dump® Kit, No-Catch Deflector, Power Dump Kit, GHS Blower Lockout, GHS Large Hole Screen, Catcher Bins, Tail Weights and Tail Wheel Lock Click Here

Collection Decks for Walker Mowers

Collection Decks
Each collection deck has a two-blade design with timed gearboxes turning the blades in a counter-rotating direction (both blades moving toward the center of the deck from the front) or reverse rotation (blades moving forward and circulating material to the back of the deck for collection in the discharge chute) on "R" decks. Collection decks are compatible with Walker Grass Handling (GHS) models S, C, T, and D and are designed specifically to catch grass and debris. For more details Click here.

Mulching Decks for Walker Mowers

Mulching Decks
Walker mulching decks are designed to efficiently handle cut material and return it to the turf leaving a beautiful, clean cut. With deck sizes or kits ranging from 36 inches up to 52 inches for B, S, C, T, and D-series tractors, there is a mulching option to fit most needs. H-series tractors can also mulch when a 60-inch mulch kit is installed. For more details Click here.

Discharge Decks for Walker Mowers

Discharge Decks
Walker discharge decks are designed to cleanly and evenly discharge cut grass from under the deck housing. For models B, S, C, T and D, decks use timed gearbox decks with two, three or four blades, except for three belt-drive decks—S42B, S52, S62. Two decks are built specifically for the Model H; R52 and S60. For more details Click here.

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