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Krone North America - Hay Equipment - Texas Division Only

Ag-Pro Companies is all about finding best products and solutions for our customers. Krone North America - Hay Equipment provides great solutions for Ag-Pro Companies Texas customers. Krone's product line is complete in that we build equipment for every phase of the farming process - from initial ground preparation through the field cleanup after harvest. Few manufacturers offer such a wide range of products to their customers. Krone employs some of the top engineers and specialists in the manufacturing process in Germany.

Krone was founded in Spelle, Germany, in 1906 with the intention of making farming more efficient and profitable. Following many years of growth and expansion, Krone North America was established in 1973 and continues to further that vision by supplying innovative, performance-engineered equipment that has become the benchmark in the hay and forage industry.

Krone is still owned and operated by the Krone family, and visionary leader Bernard Krone has hands-on involvement in company operations. As a result, each and every machine bearing the Krone name is engineered to meet the same time-tested, exacting standards that have earned Krone a worldwide reputation for quality.

Because hay and forage equipment is all we do—not an afterthought—we understand our customers. We know that they understand their business better than anyone. So, when we set out to design equipment that meets the unique needs of our customers better than any other company in the industry, we start by asking them what they need. As a privately held company, we can do that because we don’t answer to shareholders—we answer to our customers.

Customer input and feedback drives everything we do. Our engineers spend time in the field with our customers so they can incorporate their feedback into innovative machines that improve their efficiency in the field. We back that equipment with a responsive support system staffed with people who know our products and understand that time is money for the hay and forage producer.

From our management team to our parts and service staff and our warehouse personnel, every member of the Krone North America organization is solely focused on delivering the best products and support possible to hay and forage producers.

Ag-Pro Companies is a servicing/warranty dealer for Krone North America Hay Equipment at all ten of our Texas Ag-based store locations - Alice, Beeville, Castroville, Floresville, Kenedy, Pearsall, Pleasanton, Seguin, Taft, & Uvalde. We pride ourselves in great customer service and competitive prices. If you would like to order any Krone North America, Hay Equipment please click on request a quote link. You can also click on links below to review specific Krone North America Hay Equipment products. Thank You for visiting us at Ag-Pro Companies.

Wide range of Krone North America Hay Equipment including Disc Mowers, Round Balers, Rotary Rakes & Rotary Tedders Hay Equipment

Disc Mowers
Disc-Mowers - Rear Mounted AM Disc-Mowers - Rear Mounted - ActiveMow Disc Mowers - Rear Mounted EasyCut
Rear Mounted - AM Rear Mounted ActiveMow Rear Mounted - EasyCut
Disc-Mowers - Rear Mounted EasyCut-R Disc-Mowers - Front Mounted EasyCut Disc-Mowers - Front Mounted EasyCut-F
Rear Mounted EasyCut-R Front Mounted EasyCut Front Mounted EasyCut-F
Disc-Mowers - Mower Combinations - EasyCut-B Disc-Mowers - Mower Combinations - EasyCut Triple Disc-Mowers - Pull-Type Mower - EasyCut
Mower Combinations - EasyCut-B Mower Combinations - EasyCut-Triple Pull-Type Mowers - EasyCut

Round Balers
Bellima Round Baler Fortima Round Baler Comprima Round Baler
Bellima Round Baler Fortima Round Baler Comprima Round Baler

Rotary Rakes
Rotary Rakes - Single Rotor Rakes Rotary Rakes - Twin Rotor Rakes Rotary Rakes - Twin-Rotor-Rakes-Swadro TC-TS
Single Rotor Rakes Twin Rotor Rakes Twin-Rotor-Rakes-Swadro TC-TS
Rotary Rakes - Three Rotor Rakes - Swadro3 Rotary Rakes - Four Rotor Rakes - Swadro4 Rotary Rakes - Six Rotor Rakes - Swadro6
Three Rotor Rakes - Swadro3 Four Rotor Rakes - Swadro4 Six Rotor Rakes - Swadro6

Rotary Tedders
Rotary Tedders - KW Mounted Rotary Tedder Rotary Tedders - KWT Trailed Tedder w Running Gear Rotary Tedders - KW Trailed Rotary Tedder
KW Mounted Rotary Tedder KWT Trailed Tedder w Running Gear KW Trailed Rotary Tedder

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